Icon Web-Lead Import and Aggregation

Web-Lead Import / Aggregation

Automatically imports and aggregates all your web leads for better management, control, follow-up and conversion.

web-lead import and aggregation

Doc Routing & Management

All your documents are smartly tagged, routed, organized and filed so they are always accessible and available when needed.

transaction management

Transaction Management

Keeps up with what's needed, what's been done, and what's missing for every transaction - and reminds you.

financial management

Financial Management

Setup your commission plans and fees and all your financial calculation and commission splits will be automatically calculated.

MLS - IDX Integration

MLS / IDX Integration

MLS integration with reOneSpot adds near real-time automation in the transaction management and financial management workflows.

resource library

Resource Library

All of the Broker's forms, photos and marketing collateral organized and available from anywhere at anytime.

agent-broker-team management

Agent / Broker Management

As your business evolves, easily set-up, add, edit and/or delete agents, agent teams, associate brokers and staff.

website favorites

Website Favorites

Quick and easy access to all the user-defined website links you frequently need and use without ever having to leave reOneSpot.

to-do task list

To-Do / Task List

An interactive list of tasks that can be assigned and tracked with reminders sent out when things are late or incomplete.

icon sms-text message notifications

Text / Email Notifications

SMS/text message and/or email notifications sent directly and automatically to your devices for important and/or late events.

lead-client portal

Lead / Client Portal

A secure portal that’s agent branded providing your leads and clients online access to the info and documents you choose to share.

icon automatic showing feedback

Automatic Showing Feedback

Get the showing feedback automatically from the showing agent. The responses are tracked and can be shared with the seller, if desired.

icon listing expiration alerts

Listing Expiration Alerts

No more expired listings catching you off-guard. Get automatic alerts and notifications 2 weeks before your listing expires.

icon ancillary services engagement

Ancillary Services Engagement

Offer the ability to engage strategic business partners to provide ancillary services often associated with a closing.

icon lead management

Lead Management

Organize, sort, filter, assign, follow-up, track and convert more leads easily and effectively. Export of leads for other services is built-in.

icon client management

Client Management

Seamless access and management over all your Client information, documentation, communications and activities.

icon contact management

Contact Management

Manage, sort, import, export, organize and categorize all your Contacts. Staying in touch has never been easier or more convenient.

icon agent-client journal

Agent / Client Journal

Blog-like, time-stamped communications and sharing between Agents/Brokers and their Leads and Clients.

icon dashboard activities

Dashboard Activities Quick-view

Your quick, go-to dashboard enables you to see your current transactions, leads and to-dos. Easy organization at your fingertips.

icon video tutorials

Video Tutorials

A "Help" library of video tutorials showing users how to perform many of the functions in reOneSpot.

icon account profiles

Customizable User Preferences

Users are able to customize their own preferences and profiles in reOneSpot to some degree so will it will interact with them as needed.

icon microsoft outlook integration

Outlook / CRM Integration

Import and export your existing contacts into and out of reOneSpot, as needed. When we say, "one-spot" we try to deliver, on multiple levels.

icon automatic lead distribution

Automatic Lead Routing

Ability to have your incoming leads automatically routed and assigned to designated agents using a number of customizable criteria.

notepad collaboration

Time-Stamped Notepad

A private, interactive blog-like notepad of time-stamped communication and collaboration between Brokers and Agents.


For the tasks / to-dos that are setup and assigned to users that have due dates, the user can share those items on the calendars they normally use.

outside tools integration

Outside Tools Integration

Have a favorite tool you haven't seen yet and can’t do without? No problem - users can easily add their own tools...seamlessly.

pay at close

Pay at Close

Pay at Close capabilities built into reOnespot. Agents love this and Brokers love the streamlined workflow and reduced headcount.

outside tools integration

Digital e-Signature

Digital eSignature capabilities to securely sign and execute your offers, contracts, forms and documents online and in "one spot."

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